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    Toledo, Ohio

    Toledo is known as the "Glass City" , as well as the glass capital of the world! Now that is a pretty big feat!

    Toledo was founded in 1833 near the bank of the Maumee River, and it was originally incorporated in a small part of Monroe County, Michigan Territory. Later It was re-founded in 1837, after the end of the Toledo War, when it was incorporated in Ohio.


    The City of Toledo was actually named after Toledo, Spain. Another fun fact is that Toledo is also known as Frog Town, because it is based on the banks of the Maumee River which is a large wetland with an enormous frog population.

  • More Fun Facts about Toledo

    Toledo has many parks, in fact they have 16 Metroparks; including tons of green space for outdoor recreation, as well as many gardens that surround the museums, such as the Toledo Museum of Art, which gives it's visitors the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty inside and out. Visit Toledo in northwest Ohio and see all that surrounds it's beautiful vibrant city life.


    The Toledo Metropolitan area is one of the largest cities in Ohio. Toledo residents enjoy not only cultural, architecture, art enthusiasts, as well as natural spaces.


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