Ready to transform your KITCHEN into your dream KITCHEN?  Home Remodel Toledo can get you there for an affordable price!

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    Let's get ready to transform your kitchen into the dream kitchen you have always dreamed of!

    What is a Kitchen Remodel or Transformation?

    A Kitchen remodel or transformation is taking the room, and changing the way it functions, the way it looks and the aesthetic it projects.

    If you could change any one room or space in your home, what would it be? Let Home Remodel Toledo come in and give you the options at affordable rates how we will transform your Kitchen project into a dream space.

    • Interior Paint

    • New Kitchen Cabinets, Cabinet Refacing, Cabinet Painting

    • New Flooring Installation, Floor repair, Sub-Floor Replacement

    • New Tile backsplash, Tile Installation

    • New Countertop Installation

    • New kitchen nobs or pulls installed

    Some kitchen remodel projects can be a simple change of paint color to your kitchen cabinets, installing a backsplash or maybe just adding new hardware and lighting fixtures. No matter the size, big or small, residential kitchen transformation can be done as easily as picking up the phone. Do you have a project in mind? Holding off because you think it will be too expensive? Reach out to Home Remodel Toledo for a residential kitchen remodel and transformation estimate today! 567-806-1190


    Do you work from home at your kitchen table dreaming of having a home office space - Our team at Home Remodel Toldeo has many years of experience with all Kitchen Remodeling. From simple space redesign, to creating a custom space for you to work, Home Remodel Toledo is your one stop shop for all your residential home remodel and transformation needs.




    What is the process for a Kitchen Remodel? 

    Depending on the project Home Remodel Toledo can have your Kitchen remodeling project complete in 2-10 days, if not sooner. Many factors effect the remodel or transformation, such as the weather, the breadth of the job, equipment availability and your schedule.


    How can I plan for my kitchen remodel or transformation project? 

    Home Remodel Toledo will sit down with you and make a plan to determine your goals, the design you want, what materials are needed and the budget to determine a plan of action forward. You will determine what your color scheme will be, if you need new fixtures, if additional storage space is needed and where if any utilities will be located. For exterior projects, we consider weather and equipment needs. We plan your project step by step to deliver a final result you will be happy with.


    The basic process Home Remodel Toledo will take for a home remodel project generally will start with the following steps:

    • Planning to determine final outcome

    • Residential demolition – if required for project

    • HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing – (if required for project we contract with only licensed and insured subcontractors for these issues.)

    • Framing, Drywall repair

    • Interior / Exterior Painting

    • Cabinets and Fixtures installed

    • Doors and Windows replacement

    Every project by Home Remodel Toledo is special. No two projects are the same because it’s all about you. We work with your design, needs and budget to get you a final dream kitchen you can be proud of. Whether its interior painting, a bathroom or kitchen remodel, exterior paint or even a new landscape design, you will love the new look of your final project completed with Home Remodel Toledo.


    Let your Home Remodel Toledo expert help with any small or large home repair or home remodel projects. Reach out to us today to get your FREE ESTIMATE for your KITCHEN REMODEL PROJECTS! ​567-806-1190