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  • Home Repair or Maintenance IN TOLDEO

    Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel or Renovations in Toledo at a fair price!


    Are you ready for a new look? Do you need additional space? Or maybe your ready to transform your home with a kitchen remodel?

    You’ve come to the right place! At Home Remodel Toledo we can service all your Residential Remodel or Renovation needs right here in Toledo.

    What does renovation work mean?

    Renovation can mean project wherein the structure is being repaired or restored.

    There are four basic types or forms of renovation on residential homes.

    • The basics - Can include Roofing, functioning gutters and downspouts, basement repair waterproofing, furnace repair, replacement or maintenance, solid floors structure, walls and/or retaining walls that are in need of repair or maintenance.
    • Curb appeal - Can include residential landscape, fresh paint inside and out, new flooring and more! Maybe your residential renovation project is just encasing pillars on your current porch, or removing a porch railing that has failed.
    • Best bang for your buck – Can be projects that will get you the best return on  your investment, such as new siding, kitchen or bath remodel, renovations, and new windows.
    • Passion projects – Can include swimming pools, hot tubs, outdoor kitchen, she/he sheds, media rooms, etc.

    Now the decision is yours. What type of residential renovation are you looking for? Maybe just an update to the kitchen backsplash, or maybe it’s that highly sought after clawfoot tub for your master-bathroom! It could be that you just want crown molding installed. Residential renovation can be a simple process if you hire the right team. At Home Remodel Toledo we can help you with any and all projects from interior to exterior right here locally in Toledo. Residential renovations can be tough to plan, however having the right professional who can help guide you through the decision process, and who knows – save you a bit of money too – is a value-added benefit when using Home Remodel Toledo!


    Need new cabinets, no problem! Home Remodel Toledo can help with that too! Choosing the right color, design style and materials are where our many years of expertise come in handy! Residential Renovations should be a smooth process, you meet with us, tell us your end goal and we make it happen.

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    We at Home Remodel Toledo know that when it comes to home remodeling or renovations you will probably get a few estimates. Our goal is to not price ourselves out of the home remodel & renovation market, but to price our services reasonably and customary – not off of market rate prices. We want customers for the long term and appreciate referrals.


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