Ready to begin working on demolition On your home? Let the residential demolition experts in Toledo give you a hand!

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    Need to open up a room? Or Maybe you need to add on but need to remove a wall, we can help. Home Remodel Toledo can do residential demolition at reasonable rate. What are the step to residential demolition?

    Each project is different however the main steps can include but may not be limited to:

    • Remove top-down shingles or underlayment
    • Remove interior / exterior fixtures
    • Remove drywall and or plywood sheeting, trim and shutters
    • Remove roofing materials and non dominant walls
    • Remove the remnants of demolished area

    Some residential demolition projects may be too much for you to handle. Do you have electrical that needs to be moved? Does the demolition involved relocating plumbing? In cases like this it is best to contact a professional residential demolition expert. Our team at Home Remodel Toldeo has many years of experience with all residential demolition. From simple pony wall removal to additions, Home Remodel Toledo is your one stop shop for all your residential demolition needs.


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    How long does Residential Demolition take? Depending on the project Home Remodel Toledo can have your Residential Demolition complete in 4-7 days, if not sooner. Many factors effect demolition, such as the weather, the breadth of the job, equipment availability and your schedule.


    How can I plan for residential bathroom or kitchen demolition? Home Remodel Toledo will sit down with you and make a plan for the final look, design, materials needed and budget. You will determine what your color scheme will be, if you need new fixtures, if additional storage space is needed and where the utilities will be located.


    The basic process Home Remodel Toledo will take for a residential bathroom demolition generally will start with the following steps:

    • Shut off water to sink, toilet and bathtub or shower plumbing and allow the pipes to drain.
    • Next we begin residential demolition by removing fixtures which can include, lighting, toilet, cabinets, sink, tub, etc.
    • The typical next step will be removing insulation and inspecting the framing and flooring to make sure there is no damage that needs to be repaired prior to installation of your new fixtures and walls.
    • Finally, once all the cabinets, drywall, fixtures, flooring have been removed we will remove baseboards and begin the rebuild process.

    One of the most important factors in residential demolition is knowing if you need a permit or not to perform the work.

    Do you have a large residential demolition project? Perhaps a fire damaged a good portion of your home after a fire. If you have a situation such as this only trust your residential demolition to a trusted expert, there could be structural damage, electrical damage as well as safety should come first. Only trust a residential demolition expert in this case.


    Let your Home Remodel Toledo expert help with any small or large residential demolition projects. Reach out to us today to get your FREE ESTIMATE for your RESIDENTIAL DEMOLITION PROJECTS!